Hog trailer

Hog trailer


  • Aluminium construction
  • 53 ft long
  • Interior height of 99-1/2 inches
  • Outside width of 102 inches
  • Support of the mobil floor pneumatic activation
  • Access door
  • Vertical closings of ventilations spaces in coroplast
  • Storage box for coroplast dividers


  • Up to two hydraulic floors
  • Up to three pneumatic axles
  • Aeration holes in front corner
  • Division on each floor
  • Lighted sign with client’s name
  • Floor insulation
  • Ceiling insulation
  • Front insulation
  • Side insulation
  • Front of semi-trailer in mirror stainless steel
  • DEL exterior lights
  • Storage box

Side door models


  • Extensible panel for access on the ground
  • Roll up door

Back door models


  • Rear extensible panel for access on the ground
  • Extensible panel turning 55 degree for access on the ground
  • Roll up door
  • House style door
  • Cleaning door on the side 24 by 36 inches
  • Side door for back access


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Hog trailer - Machinerie Lépine inc.